Payment Policy

Payment Methods

We currently accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover credit cards and all debit cards through out checkout system. We currently do not accept checks and money orders.

Credits & Additions

Credits are issued to our customers in the event a damaged item cannot be replaced or the publisher cancels a particular item or product. These credits are uploaded to our online database and are distributed to customers throughout each month. They are applied to a customer’s next monthly order reducing the total order by the amount of the credits. Additions are for items that may have been reordered at the customer’s request and the customer has not yet been billed for the item(s). These are uploaded throughout the month and are applied to the customer’s next monthly order increasing the order total by the total amount of the additions.


Requests to cancel an item/order on or before the due date each month will be permitted. However, we cannot cancel any orders beyond the due date. When we take your order, we batch process it with hundreds of orders just like yours. Once this data has been uploaded to our distributor, we are unable to cancel it. So, please be sure you are committed to your order before you place it because you will be charged for the merchandise.