Preorders, Discounts & Due Date

What is a pre-order?

Everything you typically find in the latest issue of the Previews catalog from Diamond Comic Distributors is on our site. Our online catalog solicits items well in advance of their anticipated shipping date, usually a full two months out. For example, if you are reviewing the January Previews catalog, those items contained therein are expected to ship to retailers in the month of March. Because we are taking advance orders, we are able to pass along these deep discounts direct to our customers! is committed to providing you with the exceptional online preorder service in the industry and the best prices.

Placing your order?

Browse our online catalog by publisher, genre, writer, or artist. Find your items, select the quantities and add to cart. Once you feel you’ve completed your order process, proceed to checkout and submit your order! You have almost a full month to select your comics and leave them in your cart before making the final purchase. Please observe the deadline date each month. If your order is not placed by the deadline date, your cart may be deleted as we prepare for the new catalog.

Make sure to set up an account with us if you have not done so already! Setting up an account will allow you to track your orders, add multiple shipping locations, easier checkout process and more. More importantly, your account will allow you to come back later to finish your checkout without having to start over from scratch.

When will I receive my first order?

Receipt of your first order largely depends on what shipping preference you choose and if you are living within the U.S. or at an International address. Remember that we are taking advance orders. If you place your first order from the January Previews catalog, these are items scheduled to ship to retailers in March. If you select monthly shipping, your first order would ship a few days after the last Wednesday of March (orders are generally packed the Thursday and Friday of the week following the final Wednesday of the month). If you require weekly or bi-monthly shipping, your first order would ship the end of the first week of March (Please call us to set this service up for your account). If you are an international customer, you would experience the same shipping schedule as outlined here. However, due to transit times, your parcel will arrive between 7 business days to 6 weeks depending on your preferred method of overseas shipping option.

What discounts does 5280 Comics offer?

Discounts on new comics range between 25% through 75%. All DC, Image, Marvel, and Dark Horse titles and trade paperbacks are discounted 35% with monthly specials at 50-75% off!

To ensure timely and exceptional services to our customers, 5280 Comics currently offer only comics and graphic novel items while we work to perfect our ordering and shipping logistics.


Although we strive to provide you with as much accuracy as possible in terms of pricing, there will be mistakes from time to time. In case of a mistake in pricing we reserve the right to cancel the order, refund your payments and quickly notify you.

Due Date

Our due date is clearly posted on our website at the top right corner.