Shipping and Return Policies


Upon completion of monthly packing, tracking numbers are uploaded to our database online. You simply need to log into your account and get your tracking number. You can track right from our website. In addition, you will also receive e-mail notification of your shipment and tracking number if we ship your order via UPS.

Shipping Costs

Our shipping costs vary by order volume (most of the orders will fall in the $14.95 range) and, for our international customers, by destination. If you require a weekly or bi-monthly shipping, (Please call us to set this service up for your account).

Returns & Damages

If an item arrives damaged or an item is missing from your shipment that is listed on your packing list, please notify us immediately so that we can reorder the item(s). In the event replacements are unavailable, we will issue a credit for any damaged goods. We reserve the right to request the damaged items be returned and will provide credit for any return shipping charges.

When will I receive my first order?

Receipt of your first order largely depends on what shipping preference you choose and if you are living within the U.S. or at an International address. Remember that we are taking advance orders. If you place your first order from the January Previews catalog, these are items scheduled to ship to retailers in March. Since we ship monthly, your first order would ship a few days after the last Wednesday of March (orders are generally packed the Thursday and Friday of the week following the final Wednesday of the month). If you require weekly or bi-monthly shipping, your first order would ship the end of the first week of March (Please call us to set this service up for your account). If you are an international customer, you would experience the same shipping schedule as outlined here. However, due to transit times, your parcel will arrive between 7 business days to 6 weeks depending on your preferred method of overseas shipping option.